Lil’ Luvs Collection – Emory the Fox Plush, 12 in


Meet the Lil’ Luvs Collection by Baby GUND! Formerly known as the Toothpick Collection, Lil’ Luvs was originally inspired by Toothpick, one of our best-selling teddy bears. Lil’ Luvs features a line of diverse, sensory-stimulating plush toys designed with baby-safe features and recognizable beloved characters. From plush stroller toys, double-sided hooded security blankets to baby’s first bowling set, the Lil’ Luvs collection has everything you need for the perfect nursey décor, baby shower gifts, and tactile new ways to delight baby!

  • Gender-Neutral Colors & Modern Silhouettes
  • Machine-Washable for Convenient Cleaning
  • Appropriate for Ages 0 and Up
  • Available in Baby Favorites: Emory the Fox, Liam the Llama, Quinn the Owl, Reese the Sloth, Cooper the Panda Bear, and Shay the Koala Bear

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