Itty Bitty Boo™ Cheerleader, 5 in


Boo is here to energize the crowd and root for the home team! This adorable 5-inch Boo mini plush toy shows the popular Pomeranian looking spirited in a traditional vibrant blue-and-yellow cheerleader uniform, complete with a navy blue and gold skirt outfit and classic oversized cheer bow. This plush makes a great gift for both sports and dog lovers, and even serves as a cute décor accent for cheering your favorite team to victory on game day! Appropriate for ages one and up.

Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog™, is the wildly popular Pomeranian internet sensation with over 17 million fans on social media! Boo has been turning heads and wagging tails for years with his signature short haircut, great spirit, and bubbly outlook on life. The Itty Bitty Boo collection by GUND features 5-inch plush toys dressed in uniquely cute outfits, from whimsical woodland creatures to out-of-this-world adorable aliens. This collection is perfect for memers, Boo and pop culture fans, and any kawaii plush collection!