"I Love You" Bear, Pink, 12 in


Say it loud with a GUND message bear! These cuddly, super-soft teddy bears capture classic designs with special messages printed on vibrant t-shirts, helping share sweet sentiments and celebrate occasions with anyone. Whether it’s to wish them luck or just show someone you care, the GUND message bears are the perfect way to say it with a hug and a smile.

These adorable 12-inch tan-colored teddy bears feature outstretched open arms, happy smiles, and embroidered features that make them perfect for all ages. Each bear wears a vibrant and colorful t-shirt with a message, featuring fun and encouraging phrases such as, “I Love You,” “Be Brave,” “Good Vibes,” “You Got This,” “Reach for the Stars,” and “You Are my Sunshine.” Make anyone’s day special with a cuddly GUND bear!

Like all of our teddy bears, GUND message bears are surface-washable and appropriate for ages 1 and up. Do not machine-wash or use harsh chemical cleaners.