Ji-Young, 13 in


Bring playtime to life with Ji-Young! As the latest addition to the GUND Coming Together collection, Ji-Young is a spunky, outgoing girl who loves to play her electric guitar and is always willing to play a song with her friends on Sesame Street. Ji-Young also loves playing soccer and rolling along the street on her skateboard. She is extremely close with her family and proud of her Korean heritage. Ji-Young loves playing music with her grandma and cooking her favorite food, tteokboki. She and her family eat dinner together at the kitchen table every night, chatting in both Korean and English.

This 13” plush doll features Ji-Young in her signature outfit with cream-colored print pants, an orange t-shirt, and a vest decorated with colorful fun badges. She also features soft plush hair in her signature high ponytail hairstyle and embroidered facial details. Appropriate for ages 1 and up. Ships in a protective poly bag.

Coming Together is a special Sesame Street collection of plush characters that aims to teach kids about the beauty of friendship! Our diverse selection of characters encourages children from early ages to learn about inclusivity by celebrating other races, ethnicities and cultures through playtime.

GUND has teamed up with Sesame Street to make playtime a more huggable experience! Our collection of premium officially licensed plush toys make the best playdates, room décor, and perfect gifts for Sesame Street fans and collectors through every generation.

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