Kian Spaniel, 10 in


Kian is a cute, shaggy and cuddly spaniel puppy that’s ready to become any plush lover’s best friend. From the GUND classic Animals collection, this plush pup boasts high-pile copper-colored fur, long, floppy ears, and an upright sitting pose with accurate details. Crafted with a slightly under-stuffed, melt-in-your-arms design, this plush dog is perfect for spaniel parents and animal lovers alike!

The GUND collections of dogs feature true-to-life details and realistic plush versions of popular breeds, sure to please collectors everywhere. As always, our high quality, huggable plush ensures that GUND products remain loyal companions for years to come. Surface-washable for easy cleaning. Do not machine-wash or use harsh chemical cleaners. Appropriate for ages 1 and up.