Ripple Toothpick Bear, 15 in


You’ve heard of seahorses, but have you ever met a sea bear? Meet Ripple Toothpick!

Toothpick has always loved dipping his paws in the water, but sometimes he gets a little carried away. This ocean-inspired bear blends in with his favorite seaside spots and spends his days splish-splashing with friends in the ocean! This 15” version of our classic Toothpick teddy bear features blue delightfully rippled textured plush and a tag-along body with playfully floppy limbs.

Toothpick is one of our all-time best-selling teddy bears, known for his slender silhouette and floppy limbs and designed with the perfect size for bringing anywhere adventure takes you! Throughout the years, we’ve made Toothpick in a variety of colors, animal personalities, and premium fabrics to fit personalities of all stripes. Our Take-Along Friends collection even features smaller Toothpick-inspired plush pals for baby, so Toothpick is truly perfect for any generation of teddy bear lover!